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The best ad is a quality product.


Quality Process


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Our products are our claim to fame. We ensure that each one of them speaks eloquently about us, with quality in both details and durability.





ISO 9001:2000 registered





Quality Policy & Certifications

Zenith Metaplast is ISO 9001:2000 registered. Our approach to quality assurance involves a total management commitment among all operating departments, through all stages of our process, to prevent and eliminate defects.

Each of us is empowered with the responsibility to effect process improvement and continuous enhancement of production to implement our rigorous quality standards.

Clients Certify

Our commitment to excellence has
earned us the following accolades:


'Green Certificate' from Wal-Mart.


'Best Supplier' for the last six
consecutive years from V.I.P. Industries Ltd.


'Self-certified Supplier' from
BP Ergo Limited.


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