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Anyone can make the simple complicated.

Creativity is making the complicated simple.










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Efficient Product Development

Our experience and analysis inform the mould and tool designs we make, ensuring dimensional accuracy and functional consistency. Tooling lead-time is drastically reduced by directly applying 3D CAD model data to develop our tools.

Tool Room


Zenith Metaplast's Development Team

Zenith Metaplast is extremely proud of its experienced Development team. Each die-maker works directly from 3D CAD data, ensuring precise data sharing and total control on the process.

The team-oriented environment ensures delivery of quality tools in the shortest time required.


We have the capacity to make the components that go into the final products we deliver. Development for these are undertaken parallely, thereby ensuring a collaborative and holistic approach to design details and manufacturing process requirements.


Delivering to the world's best requires continuous process improvement and enhancement
of production to implement our rigorous quality standards.

Tool Room


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